• Are you thriving or surviving in your calling?

    If you find yourself running low... you're not alone...

    Between 1000-1500 Pastors

    are quitting EVERY MONTH in the United States (rising as a result of the pandemic)

    65% of Pastors

    fear they are not good enough to meet the church's expectations of them

    3 out of 4 Pastors

    experience either personal discouragement or depression on a regular basis

    97% of Pastors

    have been betrayed, falsely accused, or hurt by their trusted friends

    7,000+ Churches

    are closing each year (current estimates are 80,000+ churches will close as a result of the pandemic)

    "Believe me, I know, because I've been living in this reality for over 30 years!"

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  • Pastor & Leader Renewal

    You pour your life into others. Let us pour into you!

    Personal Coaching

    Break through to the next level with personalized life and ministry coaching

    Leader Retreats

    Join a 1-3 year wholeness immersion retreat experience for pastors, leaders, & spouses

    Spiritual Direction

    Deep and reflective spiritual conversations with a wise and seasoned follower of Christ

    Support Groups

    Receive fellowship and support in a small groups designed for pastors, leaders, & spouses

  • SOULeader Training & Partner Team

    Dr. Michael Bischof

    Michael Bischof, D.Min., ACC

    Founder, President & Senior Consultant
    Darlene Bischof

    Darlene Bischof, CSD

    Co-Founder, VP of Spiritual Formation & Direction
    Jason Phillips

    Jason Phillips, CSD

    VP of Missional Formation & City Integration
    Dr. Jim Grimes

    Jim Grimes, Psy.D.

    VP of Emotional Formation & Counseling
    Bruce Hopler

    Bruce Hopler, D.Min.

    VP of Leadership Formation & Organizational Strategy
    Anjee Grimes

    Anjee Grimes, MA

    Director of Family Formation
    Gabriel Lowe

    Gabriel Lowe, Ph.D.

    Director of Psychological Research & Consulting Psychologist
    Rex Minor

    Rex Minor, MA

    Director of Large & Megachurch Resourcing
    Jim Wern

    Jim Wern, M.Div.

    Director of Small & Microchurch Resourcing
    Dr. Paul Kaak

    Paul Kaak,   Ph.D.

    Director of Curriculum Development & Homiletics
    Maher Salhani

    Maher Salhani

    Director of Cultural Formation & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    Dan Steigerwald

    Dan Steigerwald
    D.Min., PCC

    Director of New Church Development
    Sarah Heath

    Sarah Heath, M.Div.

    Director of Women in Leadership & Church Space Renewal
    Dr. Chris Adams

    Chris Adams, Ph.D., ACC

    Strategic Partner for Clergy Research & Flourishing in Ministry
    Jan Johnson

    Jan Johnson, D.Min.

    Strategic Partner for Spiritual Formation
    Dr. Mitch Hopkins

    Mitch Hopkins, D.C.

    Strategic Partner for Physical Formation
    Neil R. Anderson

    Neil Anderson, M.A.

    Strategic Partner for Pastoral Care
    Dennis Baker

    Dennis Baker, D.Min

    Strategic Partner for Intentional Interims & Pastoral Placement
    Ashley Powell

    Ashley Powell

    Senior Event Coordinator
    Noelle Bergevin

    Noelle Bergevin, M.Div. (candidate)

  • "SOULeader Resources provides sure access to the riches of Kingdom living with Jesus alive here and now. They minister effectively to the inner life of the leader, where the need truly lies, and provide a foundation for public ministry from a solid foundation of joy and insight."


    Dr. Dallas Willard
    Professor and Author, The Divine Conspiracy, Hearing God

    “While SOULeader hits a home run in offering leadership and organizational training, the primary emphasis is helping people have a truly interactive life with God. This isn’t an add-on, but the central focus around which everything else is situated. I love being involved with SOULeader because it involves formation for the local church as well as for individuals.”

    Jan Johnson

    Speaker and Author, Meeting God in Scripture

    “Michael Bischof… takes seriously the emotional hazards of ministry and the holistic health of the minister’s family. [SOULeader] is well versed in and addresses the most important issues leaders face today – such as stress, anxiety, burn-out, and depression. This is a great ministry that is desperately needed in these days.”


    Dr. Archibald Hart

    Professor and Author, Adrenaline and Stress

    “Michael Bischof… has seen the toll ministry takes on men and women. SOULeader Resources is his attempt to assist those in ministry to stay whole in the midst of this demanding calling. Dr. Bischof brings experience, wisdom, and solid research to the multi-fold task of serving those in ministry.”

    Dr. Richard Peace

    Professor and Author, Contemplative Bible Reading

    Scholars, Pastors, and Organizational leaders agree

    SOULeader is raising up a new generation of holistic-minded Christian leaders who are equipped in heart, soul, mind, and strength to love and serve the LORD and His church.

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