• Dr. Paul Kaak

    VP of Educational Initiatives

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    Dr. Paul Kaak was at Azusa Pacific University as Professor of Leadership for 16 years and Executive Director in the Office of Faith Integration from 2012-2022. During that time, he provided coaching and resourcing to hundreds of Christian educators and leaders across dozens of academic disciplines and professional programs. Along with many professional friends, he led the way in building an overall strategy focused on orienting the university's work around its Christian academic identity.


    Out of a desire to assist other values-driven organizations to reimagine their work and refresh their calling, Paul launched TheoMetrics, a consulting, coaching, and training shop that helps any organization (but especially faith-based universities) to align their public promise with their particular product. TheoMetrics' unique niche is to guide institutions of Christian higher learning to be increasingly focused on, and faithful to, their faith-based educational mission.


    In beginning this work, Paul has come to realize that those he hopes to serve are facing the challenge of lower enrollments and, consequently, smaller budgets. For Paul to meet the needs he and many others are perceiving (within Christian higher education), creative funding is needed. Being affiliated with SOULeader allows Paul to accept donations that can offset the fees that may prohibit viable schools from accessing Paul's experience and expertise.


    In addition to having an M.Div. (1991), Paul completed a Ph.D. in Leadership at Andrews University (2005). Paul pastored in three churches before his turn to higher education. Paul has been a friend to SOULeader Resources since its inception. Along with the work of TheoMetrics, Paul is also part of SOULeader projects as a coach, educator, preacher, trainer, and consultant.


    Paul has been married to Kieva for almost 30 years and they are parents to two twenty-somethings, Elijah and Jeremiah. They live and garden in Pomona.

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