• Jason Phillips

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    Jason pastors at Sojourners Church in Fullerton, CA where he has focused on the formation of disciples. Jason’s ministry integrates the development of spiritual formation through a missional lens. He is trained as a spiritual director, loves his role as chaplain to the police department, and serves many ministries and organizations throughout his city. He coaches and connects pastors and churches to God’s mission in the city and helps them connect that mission to discipleship and intimacy with God. He is married to Carol and has two teenage daughters.


    For the past 23 years I’ve been learning what it means to pastor a congregation, a community, and a city. I graduated from Pacific Christian College in 1999 and have been serving the same congregation ever since. During my 19 years serving my congregation, my family and I have experienced some pain and, as a result, some radical transformation. My initial call to vocational ministry was energizing and compelling. However, working way too many hours, spending more and more nights out, left me and my family empty. I have learned the simple truth that “you can only give away what you have.” Along the way and as I began to receive grace from God through different practices and many mentors, God’s activity in my life and in the world is irresistible and calls me to action. It’s led me to immerse myself in my city, Fullerton, where I serve as a chaplain for our police department and lead a collaborative of churches as we partner with God to love and transform our city. Opening myself and practicing living in God’s kingdom is leading me closer to wholeness in Christ and has led me to care for and walk alongside other church leaders. I received my certificate in spiritual direction in 2008 from the Center for Spiritual Development and Loyola Marymount. My time in spiritual direction and serving as a director have helped me tend and care for myself as well as others. Discerning God’s activity in my own life has helped me see his kingdom constantly advancing and I’ve learned he’s always there way before I ever show up. Joining with other leaders on mission gives me the opportunity to walk alongside them in their own holistic formation.


    Since 1993, I’ve had the greatest partner on this journey, my wife Carol. She encourages me and challenges me to constantly draw deeper to God. We have two teenage daughters, Myah and Kira. Both are wonderful, and all three are my first priority as an apprentice to Christ.

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