• Leader Retreats

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    For Churches, Denominations, & Organizations


    Our research has shown that leaders learn best in community as well as in a process-oriented format. In our post-pandemic world we are all aware how leaders need support and specialized training to navigate the ever-changing waters of change and transition.


    For the past ten years we have been designing 1-3 year immersion retreat experiences for pastors, staff, denominational leaders, and spouses. They include two or three immersions per year for 1-3 years depending on your schedule and needs. The content and focus of each immersion experience is unique, focusing on all dimensions of our holistic formation. Sessions are facilitated by our team of content experts in various fields.


    A sample of topics covered include:

    • The dimensions of our formation
    • The pastor as person
    • Core emotional issues leaders face
    • Leadership pathologies
    • Understanding grief, loss, & trauma
    • Why do we need people in our lives?
    • Cultural intelligence
    • Family systems
    • Sleep, rest, & rhythms
    • Holistic eating & nutrition
    • Adrenaline & stress
    • Embodiment
    • How to detox your brain
    • Living the gospel as good news

    Want to find out how to design your own process? Contact us!


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    “Michael Bischof and the SOULeader team have thoughtfully crafted one of the most innovative, holistic, and comprehensive models of ministry leadership formation that I have ever seen. Michael possesses a rare blend of pastoral wisdom, leadership coaching, spiritual direction, and wellness coaching. I give SOULeader my highest recommendation for all pastors and ministry leaders (and their spouses) who are interested in deep, lasting, and life-changing formation.”


    Chris Adams, Ph.D.
    Executive Director of the Mental Health and the Church initiative

    Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology, Biola University

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    “The need to address the inner life and spiritual health of pastors and Christian leaders has become painfully obvious in our world, and we’ve aggressively sought effective resources to help those in our fellowship stay in the game. SOULeader’s training has proven to be everything we could ask for; a tremendous tool to guide leaders toward meaningful, holistic soul care and spiritual formation.”


    Tom Bennardo, D.Min.

    Executive Director, Church Multiplication & Leadership
    Synergy Church Planting Network
    Fellowship of Evangelical Churches


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    "As Director forLutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC), my passion is to see that the leaders throughout our association are being loved, connected, and cared for in an atmosphere that is a safe place. SOULeader Resources, Michael
    Bischof, and their team helped provide our association with the tools to do just that. I commend SOULeader to you to help you love, connect, and care for the leaders in your congregation or denomination."


    Michael Bradley 

    Director, Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ