• Leader Retreats

    Join a 1-3 year wholeness immersion retreat experience for pastors, leaders, and spouses. We call it SHIFT, which stands for SOULeader Holistic Immersion in Formation and Theology. It includes three 3-day/2-night immersions per year for 1-3 years depending on your schedule and needs. The content and tone of each immersion experience is unique, focusing on different aspects of our holistic formation. Learn more (PDF download).

    We're now accepting applications for the next SHIFT experience at Forest Home Christian Camp in Forest Falls, CA. Apply for SHIFT today!

    Want to bring SHIFT to your area? Contact us!

    “Michael Bischof and the SOULeader team have thoughtfully crafted one of the most innovative, holistic, and comprehensive models of ministry leadership formation that I have ever seen. Michael possesses a rare blend of pastoral wisdom, leadership coaching, spiritual direction, and wellness coaching. I give SOULeader my highest recommendation for all pastors and ministry leaders (and their spouses) who are interested in deep, lasting, and life-changing formation.”


    Chris Adams, Ph.D.
    Director of the Center for Vocational Ministry
    Azusa Pacific University