• Personal, Group & Team Coaching

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    Break through to the next level! 

    Our customized coaching is available to individuals, groups, or teams via Zoom, phone, and in some cases live.


    Members of the SOULeader Team provide coaching in the following areas:

    • Transition coaching - when you're moving from one position or organization to another
    • Change coaching - when you need support navigating change
    • Deconstruction coaching - for those in the midst of deconstruction who are looking for guidance and support
    • Leadership & Executive coaching - to discover and address blindspots in your leadership
    • Holistic coaching - to move from fragmentation to wholeness by looking at all dimensions of formation
    • Integrated coaching - combines various modalities to achieve your goals
    • Strategic coaching - when you need to get from your current reality to something better
    • Sabbatical coaching - pre, during, & post sabbatical as well as working with your board
    • Missional coaching - to help create a new imagination for where the kingdom of God is already at work around you
    • New church development coaching - for those considering or in the midst of starting a new church
    • Life coaching - for those who want to work on personal change and growth
    • and more . . .

    All of our coaches have years of ministry experience and expertise in diverse fields and many are ICF certified.


    Try a 1-hour no obligation introductory session absolutely free. For more information, contact SOULeader Resources.




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    “I enthusiastically recommend SOULeader Resources. I have known Michael Bischof for many years, and he is the kind of person who can be trusted with the deeper, more personal challenges that arise in the course of ministry. The holistic approach to supporting leaders that SOULeader takes is at the same time rare and much-needed. Leaders and organizations who choose to work with SOULeader will greatly benefit from the experience."

    Bob Logan, D.Min.
    President, Logan Leadership
    Author of Coaching 101