• Dan Miller, Ph.D.

    Spiritual Director

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    Dan grew up in Seattle, WA amidst the wet grace of Puget Sound and the green
    lusciousness of the Pacific Northwest. He enjoyed the natural revelry of a
    large family who shared a predisposition, passion, and a modicum of talent for
    story, humor, athletics, and the arts. 


    Dan has been involved in pastoral ministry and spiritual formation
    work for four decades. He describes himself as “an apprentice of Jesus with an
    ecumenical spirit and an appreciation and reverence for any serious spiritual
    seeker or practitioner.” His “accidental gift” is that he had twelve years of
    Catholic schooling (four at a Jesuit high school), attended a Lutheran
    University, Presbyterian Seminary (Princeton, M.Div., Th. M.), Methodist
    Graduate Program (Claremont School of Theology, Ph.D.) and wrote his
    dissertation on the Jewish philosopher and theologian Abraham Heschel. Dan has
    been offering spiritual guidance to people from as many as a dozen different
    Christian denominations for over thirty years. He  received his training in the late 1980’s

    at The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Washington, D.C. 


    Dan’s work included ten years at the Center for Spiritual Development in Orange, CA

    where he was one of the lead teachers in
    their three-year spiritual direction training program, offered spiritual
    direction and supervision, and classes on Christian spirituality. While there
    he founded and led The Human & the Holy spiritual formation community which gathered for sixteen years until Covid hit in 2020.


    Presently, Dan lives on Whidbey Island north of Seattle and spends his time offering spiritual direction online and in-person, writing, teaching for a school of spiritual direction, offering talks,
    days of spiritual renewal, and retreats.


    Dan’s commitment and passion are to help persons and communities cultivate lives of spiritual depth. His work has always revolved around the relationship between the mystical and prophetic dimensions of faith, the cultivation and embodiment of an authentic Christian spirituality, one that is
    mature, holistic, enlivening, responsible, communal, dialogical, liberating, and in service to love.  


    Of all his roles, responsibilities, privileges, and blessings, the one Dan
    cherishes most is being the father of three young adult children.


    Find Dan’s website here: www.thesacredbraid.com