• SOULeader Training & Partner Team

    Dr. Michael Bischof

    Michael Bischof, D.Min., ACC

    Founder, President & Senior Consultant
    Darlene Bischof

    Darlene Bischof, CSD

    Co-Founder, VP of Spiritual Formation & Direction
    Jason Phillips

    Jason Phillips, CSD

    VP of Missional Formation & City Integration

    Dr. Jim Grimes

    Jim Grimes, Psy.D.

    VP of Emotional Formation & Counseling
    Bruce Hopler

    Bruce Hopler, D.Min.

    VP of Leadership Formation & Organizational Strategy
    Dr. Paul Kaak

    Paul Kaak,   Ph.D.

    VP of Educational Initiatives

    Anjee Grimes

    Anjee Grimes, MA

    Director of Family Formation
    Gabriel Lowe

    Gabriel Lowe, Ph.D.

    Director of Psychological Research & Consulting Psychologist
    Rex Minor

    Rex Minor, MA

    Director of Large & Megachurch Resourcing

    Jim Wern

    Jim Wern, M.Div.

    Director of Small & Microchurch Resourcing
    Maher Salhani

    Maher Salhani

    Director of Cultural Formation & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    Dan Steigerwald

    Dan Steigerwald
    D.Min., PCC

    Director of New Church Development
    Sarah Heath

    Sarah Heath, M.Div.

    Director of Women in Leadership & Church Space Renewal
    Dr. Chris Adams

    Chris Adams, Ph.D., ACC

    Strategic Partner for Clergy Research & Flourishing in Ministry
    Jan Johnson

    Jan Johnson, D.Min.

    Strategic Partner for Spiritual Formation
    Dr. Mitch Hopkins

    Mitch Hopkins, D.C.

    Trainer in

    Physical Formation

    Neil R. Anderson

    Neil Anderson, M.A.

    Strategic Partner for Pastoral Care
    Ashley Powell

    Ashley Powell

    Senior Event Coordinator
    Noelle Bergevin

    Noelle Bergevin, M.Div.

    Intake Consultant

    Dan Miller

    Dan Miller, Ph.D.

    Spiritual Director