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    "Whether you, your church, or your organization feels refreshed or depleted, assessment tools can help you build on your strengths, identify areas of weakness, and become more healthy and whole in Christ. We've spent many years researching and developing some tools. Below you'll find links to a few FREE tools, as our gift to you. But if you'd like to go deeper, contact us for a customized personal or organizational assessment. We'd be glad to serve you!"

    Dr. Michael Bischof
    Founder & President, SOULeader Resources

  • Personal Holistic Formation Assessment by SOULeader

  • SOULeader values Holistic Formation

    Jesus spoke of loving and serving with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. He recognized that people are multi-faceted human beings. When one part of our being is affected, it can affect our entire life and our capacity to lead.

    SOULeader is dedicated to empowering wholeness in pastors, leaders, missionaries, churches, denominations, and seminaries. Our assessments, tools, and strategies focus on your holistic development. We've provided links to a few free assessments on this page.


    Contact us for a more customized and comprehensive personal/organizational assessment.